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  Shiva's Kashi  

Kashi, Varanasi, Banaras! Whatever you call Her, She is simply Enchanting! EXPLORE KASHI…

Ask yourself. When YOU say Kashi / Varanasi / Banaras, WHAT exactly do you see? Kashi Vishwanath, River Ganga, Magnificent Ganga Aarti after sunset, A rising Sun coming out of Ganga, a long as if unending row of ancient temples & Hawelis (Palaces) at the banks of Ganga you see when you may be boating, narrow lanes with intruding old houses / shops / wandering cows / bulls, various steps of Ghaats (systematically built ancient stone steps leading to Ganga water), burning pyres of the funerals at Manikarnika Ghaat, Banarasi Paan (Beatle Leaf)… That’s all?

If you recall only this when you say Kashi / Varanasi / Banaras, then YOU ARE MISSING A VAST ENCHANTING, UNEXPLORED PART of this divine, mysterious & enlightening place. Kashi has much more to offer. Enter the Enchanting Kashi. EXPLORE KASHI

Are you a Shiva Devotee? Or a Shiva Researcher? Or just wish to see various Shiva temples? Kashi has over 300 magnificent Shiva Temples & in them there are over 800 Shiva Lingas. Each looks uniquely different & belief has it that each does different tasks for the devotees – Jwara Hareshwar (Fever Remover) cures fevers, Runa Hareshwar Mahadev (Loan Settler) solves loan & financial problems, Teel Bhandeshwar (It grows 1 Teel – Sesame seed- every year) & Jageshwar Mahadev protect devotees from Shani (Saturn) Prakop (anger / ill-effect) in Mahadasha, Sadesaati, they also save people from Pitru / Sarpa Dosha / Shaap (curse of ancestors / snake), Swapneshwar (Dream Shiva) helps stop bad dreams, Kardameshwar takes devotees out of the most difficult problems of life & creates life & wealth. Childless couples go there even to get blessing of children…THE LIST IS UNENDING.

  For more information & details for visiting & darshan, contact at explorekashi2009@gmail.com