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Kashi isn't just serious darshans, pujas or long walks thru narrow & traffick Jam lanes. Kashi isn't just Ganga & Kashi Vishwanath. KASHI LOVES ALL ANIMALS not to show off, but with warmth as these cute animals are part of everyone's natural daily life in Kashi! Kashi LOVES COWS, COW KALFS, BULLS, MONKEYS, DOGS, MANY TYPES OF BIRDS. Kashi loves them whether they are live or even sculptured on temples & walls!

You may even meet a CUTE COW CALF in your ANCIENT TIME WALK in those narrow lanes & you would wonder where you had seen that expressive face & mischievous but caring eyes! Yes, can be somewhere in a little temple on the Ganga banks or even in those ancient narrow lanes.

Kashi / Varanasi / Banaras is ever grand & beautiful - be it a Sun rise or Sun Set on Ganga River or a not so explored wonderful confluence (Sangam) of River Varuna & Ganga & Sangameshwar Shiva watching over them for ages! Their confluence is a peaceful & picturesque place & you can feel that peace deep within. You can do so from their banks or even standing up above on the height in the temple of Sagameshwar (God of Confluence). There you can even feel the cool serene peaceful breeze right up to your tired spine & also feel the cool floor in your exhausted feet. And then you forget all your fatigue

In a little green village 30 kms from Kashi, there is this serenely beautiful Kardameshwar Temple with a large Kund (Lake). So live are the murtis there that even wandering Monkeys drop by as if to ask the Murtis - How Ancient are you really? Even before we were born? Do you remember the tree where our ancestors lived?' See. You smiled! There is so much natural joy & eco-friendly peace in & around Kashi. An otherwise wandering dogs too sleep peacefully in a temple corner!

EXPLORE KASHI to the utmost… To each, Kashi has a very personalized, intimate & enlightening experience to offer with ancient warmth…

  For more information & details for visiting & darshan, contact at explorekashi2009@gmail.com