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  Devi's Kashi  

If you are a devotee of Devi Durga or Laxmi then She is present in Kashi in many

enigmatic forms. Devi Durga temple is famous & it has a serene Durga Kund (Sacred Lake) attached to it. She gives strength. Annapurna Devi (Goddess of Food) near Kashi Vishwanath ensures devotee’s continuous food supplies & work progress. Tripur Sundari Devi – a divine combo of Mahakali, Maha Saraswati & Mahalaxmi who blesses Entire Life, Vageshwari Devi (Goddess of Speech) assures Devotees of clear, effective speech, Saraswati Devi (Goddess of Intellect) promises intellectual success, Laxmi Devi (Goddess of Wealth) ensures prosperity, Pitambara (Bagalamukhi) Devi (Goddess wearing yellow clothes) finishes Devotees enemies, Kamakhya Devi has a mysterious Shree Chakra in Her temple. She has Shatru Samharini Devi (Enemy Killer) Pratyanghra Devi too in the same temple complex.

For those, who wish to do Devi Peeth Darshan Yatra, there are wonderful temples of Devi with very specific powers. Those who wish to visit only a few temples of their choice, they still will get to see & experience a lot & go back with a full heart…

There is something gloriously grand about all Devis in Kashi…Be it Pitambara Devi (popularly known as Bagula Mukhi) who is meant for finishing the enemies or be it Dakshin Kaali (whose Bengal based murti was worshipped by Ramakrishna Paramhans & then his wife Maa Sharada. This Devi is believed to save devotees from untimely death.

  For more information & details for visiting & darshan, contact at explorekashi2009@gmail.com