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  Kashi has over 300 Ancient UnExplored Shiva Temples over 800 unexplored Shivalingas. Some of them are given here:

Pashupatinath Mahadev :

Ancient architecture. Pashupatinath is supposed to save human beings from evil effects entire life. Pashupatinath in Nepal Pashupatinath in Mandsor – M.P. are other versions of this 1 Runa Hareshwar Mahadev Hindu Dharma is always criticized for being only for Moksha not for material help from the God. Kashi too is being perceived as only for Moksha at the end. This is a misunderstanding. Yes, Kashi is Moksha Nagari, but ONLY AFTER COMPLETING ALL WORLDLY DUTIES HAPPILY. Therefore, there is Runa Hareshwar Mahadev in Kashi. Runa means Loan. Hareshwar is the one who takes away devotee’s tension about loans financial problems. An ancient Shivalinga.

Kardameshwar Mahadev :
30 kms from main Kashi, Kardameshwar is situated in enchanting green surroundings with many ancient trees. Among them is the Kardameshwar Teertha – serenely clean shining water Kund (a large lake) where devotees can bathe before visiting Shiva. Kardameshwar Mahadev has a legend that Kardam Rushi did Tap there therefore Shivji descended there for him fro Kailash. Other belief has it that Kardameshwar is direct from Rugveda where in Shree Sukta it is said ‘Kardamena Praja Bhoota, Mayi Sambhava Kardam, Shriyam Vaasay me kule, Maataram Padma Maalinim.’ Meaning- Entire world is born out of clay, mud. Therefore hey God, create such a productive mud within me that I become that productive clay myself then the Goddess Laxmi who is born out of a lotus from the mud will automatically come to me. Devotees believe that their financial problems are sorted out by Kardameshwar Darshan. Childless couples have faith to get children after Kardameshwar Darshan. A rare Virupaaksha Shiva Gana murti is also in this temple. Ancient intricate carvings make this temple a great architectural beauty. Monkeys love this temple so they greet the devotees with their presence. Ancient Devi Kardameshwari has mysterious smile on Her face assuring of peace success. Mahakaleshwar, Omkareshwar, Kedarnath, Vaijanath, Rameshwar, Somnath others from 12 Jyotirlingas are present in Kashi. It is said that these Shivalingas were created by Shiva at the same time of 12 Jyotirlingas all over India. Some like Somnath in Gujarat were broken by Muslim invaders but these in Kashi – most of them – remained as they were though their temples were too broken by invaders even at Kashi. Therefore, some temples in India that were renovated with new Shiva Lingas but some of them in Kashi yet have ancient Shivalingas.

Jwara means Fever Hareshwar means Shiva who takes away the fever. There are 2 Jwara Hareshwar Shivalingas in Kashi. One is in a separate Jwara Hareshwar temple devotees throng there to get cured of any type of fever (in the current times of Swine Flu, there is no harm in trying this ancient remedy!) Other equally ancient Jwara Hareshwar Shivalinga is in Upashanteshwar Mahadev temple this Shivalinga is also known to be curing fevers that mainly are caused by some adverse planetary combinations.

Jageshwar Mahadev :

This is a BIG Shivalinga it grows 1 cm every year. It is Swayambhu corrects Pitru Dosha. Many unsolvable problems that are caused by Pitru Dosha can be sorted out by only darshan of this Shivalinga as the devotees believe.

Bruhaspatishwar Mahadev :
Bruhaspati means Guru Graha. This Shivalinga looks very peaceful by itself people who want solutions for problems caused by weak Guru (Bruhaspati) in their Kundali do Darshan. For getting son, for getting married, for boss’s favours, for getting job, for successful business for victorious political careers! All Guru relates expectations are fulfilled by darshan of Bruhaspatishwar Mahadev. This Shivalinga looks mysteriously yellow in colour like the Guru Graha He is worshipped with Chana Daal, yellow silk, Haldi Mala, yellow fruits etc.

Panchkroshi Temple :
This is a one of its kind temple! It has 500 12” X 12” carvings on all its walls. These carvings are not simple art works. Each carving depicts a particular ancient temple in Kashi – wherever it may be. It is an ancient style of carved documentation as well as direction of all temples in Kashi. Each carved stone on the wall has even the name of each deity in that particular temple such as Kubereshwar Mahadev, Chitragupteshwar, Annapurna Devi, Kartikeyan, Dancing Ganesh, etc. This is a ‘Must see’ for every visitor of Kashi as it is a good guide! Out of 500 temples mentioned on these walls, many are still intact, some are broken by invaders some are being encroached. Dwadash Sfatik Linga Mahadev: This Shivalinga is unique as a large black stone Shivalinga has on it 12 crystal (Sfatik) Shivalingas. They are supposed to represent 12 Hindu months like Chaitra, Vaishakh etc. It is also a legend that there were only 11 Crystal Shivalingas on it representing Ekadash (11) Rudraksha later 1 was automatically added sometime which nobody saw when - that is the 12 - because now this is the time for the Ultimate Pralayeshwar Mahadev to arrive to end Kaliyuga.  Whatever is the legend, the Dwadash Shivalinga is very unique. Devotees believe that with Darshan of this Shivalinga, all their 12 months each year pass without problems after they complete their life, they are given Moksha their 12,000 sins are washed away.

Gabhastishwar Mahadev :
Gabhasti means Surya (The Sun). There is a beautiful Sun murti in this temple along with Gabhastishwar Shivalinga. Devotees having problems related to Surya graha come to this temple for Darshan. It is believed that problem related to Governmental contracts, courts, getting government job, favour from the boss, health related issues like pain in the Spine, back, neck are solved by this Shivalinga Darshan. People having eyesight issues also visit here. It is also believed that if anyone has knowingly or by mistake or by accident killed a cow, then Gabhastishwar Mahadev’s Darshan relieves him of this sin. Some Saadhaks wanting to get more Shakti, energy also are seen in this temple many a times. An ancient serene atmosphere in this temple makes is a very attractive mysterious place.

Upashanteshwar Mahadev :
Upashanti means pacifying. People who basically have problems because they or their children are born on Moola Nakshatra come to this Shiva. But Shanti (pacifying) of other planets also is done merely by Darshan of Upashanteshwar Mahadev. This temple also has a Shivalinga of Jwara Hareshwar. This is different from the other Jwara Hareshwar as this one cures fevers caused by planetary combinations or movements – this is a belief.

Teel Bhandeshwar Mahadev :
Teel means Sesame seeds. This is also a HUGE Shivalinga it grows 1 Teel every year. This temple also has many ancient murtis such as Shani, Kartikeyan (rarely seen nowadays in North India) etc. Belief is that Darshan of Teel Bhandeshwar Shivalinga Shani relieves the devotee of his / her Shani Saade Saati – Dhaiyya – 7.5 years planetary situation caused by Shani (Saturn) in everyone’s life at least twice in life. It is believed that Shani Saadesaati takes away health, wealth, position from even the kings brings everyone to their knees. But with the Darshan of Teel Bhandeshwar, devotees can pass these difficult times with no problems. Every time Shani changes His house (like Shani is changing from Simha Raashi to Kanya Raashi on September 9, 2009 many Raashis will start their Saadesaati.) devotees crowd this temple. Teel Bhandeshwar is worshipped with Teel, Adad daal oil. He is decorated by beautiful dark Blue flowers – a colour favourite of Shani.

Manokaamaneshwar Mahadev :
Manokaamana means desires that are in a person’s mind. This is a very ancient cute looking Shivalinga. Just by looking at Him one feels relaxed assured that, yes, all my desires, ambitions dreams will be fulfilled by Manokaamaneshwar.

Dhanvantareshwar :
Dhanvantari is a Doctor of all Gods! He cures any illness. Legend has it that Dhanvantareshwar Shivalinga darshan cures any illness. The temple has very ancient deep Dhanvantari Kupa (well). It is believed that when Gods decided to leave the earth for Kailash in Swarga, just before Kaliyuga started, they wanted Dhanvantari also to accompany them. Dhanvantari had a lot of great medicines with him. He poured all those medicines in a kupa (well) before leaving. This well is Danvantari Kupa. There is an old styled system of pulling water from it devotees can drink it or bathe from it. This water is mysteriously very clean sweet in taste. One gets very relaxed after bathing or even drinking it. People who want to get rid of their illnesses, muscular, bone pains come here. Because nobody is allowed to get into the well, the water is not contaminated.

Hasta Paadeshwar Mahadev :
Hasta means Hand Paad means leg. This Shivalinga is believed to give His devotees enormous strength in their hands feet, legs. Not just paralysed, crippled or polio or accident patients but also sportsmen get benefited by the enormous energy they get in their limbs from Hasta Paadeshwar Mahadev as per belief.

Chaturvakreshwar Mahadev :
This ancient Shivalinga is outside an ancient temple waiting for someone to rebuild His temple! This has interesting 4 Lingas 4 lines dividing them. It is believed that these 4 Lingas represent 4 main directions North, South, East West the dividing 4 lines represent 4 sub-directions North-East, South- East, North-West South-West. Some also believe that 4 Lingas on it are 4 Vedas Rugveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda Saamaveda 4 Lines are 4 Aasramas – Brahmacharya, Gruhasta, Vanaprastha Sanyasa.

Siddheshwar Mahadev :
A beautiful Shivalinga which enchants a person! It is believed that only with the darshan of Siddheshwar Mahadev, a devotee gets all that he wants! Many Saadhaks Taantrika too come to this temple. But mainly families come to Siddheshwar before any auspicious function at home like wedding etc to get Siddheshwar’s blessing for siddhi (completeness) of the work / There are over 300 such ANCIENT SHIVA TEMPLES OVER 800 SHIVALINGAS in Kashi – like Ratneshwar Mahadev – known to bless people with wealth, gold jewels. Ratneshwar Mahadev was worshipped in olden times by those who wished to prosper in Jwellery gold business! There is Kruttivaseshwar Mahadev – supposed to be helping relieve people from Mangal Graha dosh (Mangaleshwar Mahadev too is there in Kashi) also ensure complete sinless current life (not only next life!), there is even Kaliyugeshwar who understands problems we all face in due to Kaliyuga removes those particular hurdles. There is Madhyameshwar who is a landmark for the world! He is exactly at the Naabhi Sthal (middle – like a naval in the body) of ancient Kashi. This is also supposed to be Shiva’s naval. Doing His darshan ensures a person will never lose his centre position of importance! Most have small, big temples, some are now situated in residences or in small lanes due to encroachments. Some are intact with ancient glory. But devotee’s belief has not been eroded even these Shivalingas also seem to be fulfilling their wishes for ages! It is high time that entire Bharat, all Hindus in the world realize the importance of this rich heritage spiritual strength of Hindu Dharma at least visit these places to get blessed before they perish in Kaliyuga’s inhuman life-styles attacks!

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