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  Ganesha's Kashi  
  Are you a Ganesh / Vinayak devotee? Or wish to see various types of Ganesh in temples? Or simply love Ganesh? Kashi has over 50 Ganesh! Each beautiful, glorious different! Each is known to be doing a specific task for the devotees. Chinta Haran (Anxiety / Tension / Stress / Depression Remover) Ganesh relieves devotees of their stress, Siddhi Vinayak fulfills ambitions, Panch Mukh (5 faces) Vinayak helps frees devotees from Panch mahabhuta anger (5 elements – Water, Fire, Space, Earth, Wind), Dakshin Shund (Right  facing trunk) Ganesh frees Devotees from most difficult problems in life if His sanctity is taken care of… Even this list is unending!

Dakshin Shund (Right Trunk) Ganesh Just like in Western Maharashtra Vidarbha Ashta Vinayak (8 Ganesh) there are Kashi Ashta Vinayak even Shodash Vinayak (16 Ganesh). There are 56 Vinayaks mentioned in Kashi Khand. Sumukh (Good looking) Ganesh Durmukh Ganesh (Sad looking) both are there! There is Saakshi (Witness) Vinayak there is Mitra (Friend / The Sun) Vinayak too! Doing 8  or 16 or 56 Ganesh darshan in Kashi removes many current up coming hurdles related to Health, Wealth, Family, Children, Job, Progress, Political Success so on in the lives of devotees.

  For more information & details for visiting & darshan, contact at explorekashi2009@gmail.com