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Are you enamoured by how Hindu Dharma worships various powers in nature & universe like the Sun & the Moon & the water? Then this Unexplored Kashi has great temples, lakes & places to visit. There are over 24 temples of the Sun & in many Shiva, Ganesh  temples the Sun meets you in various forms. There is Chandreshwar (The Moon God Shiva) Mahadev & this temple has Chandra kup (The Moon Well). It is believed that if you can see your reflection in this well then you sure will not die at least for next 6 months. Kashi is so sweetly legendary & caring for the nature’s flora & fauna that Kashi has a temple even of Vana Durga (Goddess of Forests)! It is also believed that Vana Durga Devi blesses farmers with continuous fertile land & good crop. The greatest honour & salute daily given to the Mother Nature by Kashi is Ganga Aarti (Prayer with specially lit Lamps) at the evening. A magnificent view & such an enlightening experience this Aarti is that once a person sees it, can never be the same again. It is believed that being just there at the time of Ganga Aarti relieves humans from all Sins- It is a Paap Vimochak Ganga Mata anyways!

Chandra Kup Ganga Aarti If you are not too much into the religious darshans & rituals, but sure, you love to visit ancient cities & do see unexplored places…They give you a sense of belonging to your roots or they simply call you. You are a wanderer & as a hobby, you crave to see something which is kind of UNKNOWN or NOT MUCH KNOWN or so to say – UNEXPLORED. Kashi / Varanasi / Banaras has an unforgettable experience for you……. Enter the ANCIENT TIME WALK of Kashi in narrow lanes that have many ancient foot-prints on them. Today scooters & bikes trade those lanes with difficulty…It is believed that some time back Kashi Vishwanath Shiva along with Devi Annapurna used to walk those lanes to see if any poor is hungry & used to ensure to feed him / her. Later on many Kings like Vikramaditya, Raja Ram Devrai, Pandavas, Shri Ram & the modern Kings walked those lanes to visit Kashi Vishwanath & various temples & to the Glorious Ganga. Many rich traders from ancient times have their palaces / houses in those lanes & almost each house there has a temple! Ancient narrow stair walk straight into River Ganga from Kashi’s Ancient Time Walk lane                   

It is said that in Old Kashi, all lanes, roads & ancient stairs finally lead to Ganga… This ANCIENT TIME WALK is such surreal experience that you will never be the same again.

  For more information & details for visiting & darshan, contact at explorekashi2009@gmail.com